About Us

We endeavor to transform hopes for an equitable future into reality. To realize empathy as action and foster equitable design.

Students from the Savannah College of Art and Design collaborated with multiple brand partners to research and develop a methodology for equitable and inclusive experience design to be tested, adopted, and evolved through academia and industry for the service and benefit of all.

The Designers

Aniekanabasi Asganga

Group 85.png
Group 84.png

Arundhati Bagrodia

Industrial Design B.F.A.

Industrial Design B.F.A.

Service Design minor

Brie Nestler

Sociology & Gender Studies BA

Service Design B.F.A.

Group 83.png

Cameron Fazio

Group 87.png

Chandra Pandian

Design Management M.F.A
Computer Science B.Tech

Writing B.F.A.

Group 93.png

Gwen Krage

Industrial Design B.F.A

Group 94.png
Group 89.png

Hannah Harris

Juliana Castro

Illustration B.F.A

Motion Media Minor

Business of Beauty and

Fragrance B.F.A.

Group 88.png

Kate Bender

Industrial Design B.F.A
Service Design B.F.A

Group 99.png
Group 81.png

Lydia Gutridge

Natalia Carlos Trevino

Industrial Design B.F.A.
Service Design minor

Service Design B.F.A

Group 100.png

Samantha Manelis

Service Design B.F.A

Group 95.png

Shijie Luo

Group 91.png

Stephanie Cardoze

Sam Prichard

Group 98.png

Interactive Design B.F.A
Graphic Design B.F.A

Service Design M.F.A
Computer Science B.E.

Business of Beauty and Fragrance B.F.A
Fashion Marketing and Management B.F.A

Group 102.png

Yue Guo

Service Design M.F.A

Group 152.png

Tamara Castilla

Service Design B.F.A
Industrial Design B.F.A

Group 103.png

Zhuorong Yuan

Service Design M.F.A Landscape Architecture B.L.A

Group 150.png
Group 151.png

Ricardo Martins

Caleb Kitchings

SCADPro Account Lead

Service Design Faculty and Mentor

Josh Lind

Group 153.png

SCADPro Account Lead

Our Partners

Group 154-1.png
Group 159.png

Timothy Bardlavens

Group 156.png

Mike Buzzard

Group 155.png

Cameron Campbell-Wilkens

Group 154.png

Xerxes Irani

Group 157.png

Angela Pablo

Jason Randolph

Special Thanks

We’d like to give special thanks to the designers at IBM who were able to mentor us and provide inspiration with their existing ethical design resources.