Tool: Intermission

Creating Space for Race Related Recovery

The Challenge: Employees of color, and especially diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) professionals, often deal with traumatic situations while simultaneously fulfilling their daily roles.


What is the activity? Therapy /policy

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What is the Tenet? Limits of Liberalism

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How many people? Duet (you and therapist) / Band (team effort)


How long does it take? 1 hour

When should we use this tool in the design process?

The place for this is intuitive by the employee


What is this Equity Beat?

Creating a new company policy that supports POC and DEI employees.

Why should we use it?

To create space for rest, belonging, and healing through initiatives like company-sponsored therapy sessions.

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Created for POC and DEI professionals, take an intermission, to recover from traumatic events and emotional work. Get lost in the music and come back ready and recharged.

Step 2:

Explore the resources below to gain insight on how to support POC and DEI professionals in your organization.

Step 1:

Acknowledge that diversity and inclusion work is emotional work.
A Chief Diversity Officier: “diversity & inclusion requires more of a conversation about the *emotional* labor that surrounds it. This is not just intellectual work, it is heart work. And racism is heavy.” While she will never stop doing this work, she does need time to “pause more and implement self-care.”

How to play Intermission

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What impact can you make?