Tool: Karaoke

Racism is Ordinary

The Challenge: Microaggressions stem from stereotypes. They create unconscious statements, biases, and questions that lead to uncomfortable or hostile environments. It can be a detriment to the entire design process.

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What is the activity? Storytelling


What is the Tenet? Racism is Ordinary

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How many people? Band (multiple)


How long does it take? 1 hour

When should we use this tool in the design process?

The place for this is before starting the project

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What is this Equity Beat?

Presenting stories based on microaggressions and discussing how those comments make people feel in relation to their personal identities.

Why should we use it?

To establish that racism is ordinary and to reflect on how "normal statements" could be hurtful. This can affect both the design process and an individual.

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Gather your group to read stories of microaggressions out loud.

What impact can you make?

Form a better understanding of microaggressions.

Knowing how to respond after committing a microaggression.

Become aware of and able to avoid microaggressions in the design process.

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