Next Steps

“Never, ever be afraid to make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble.”
- Representative John Lewis

Diversity, inclusion, and equity work does not end with The Equity Beats, nor should it. The world needs more disruptors and change-makers unafraid to stand up to the status quo. People unafraid to be vulnerable and listen to things that are difficult. Designers who are willing to take stands for the things they believe in and have the hard conversations.

The next step is to continue testing the Equity Beat Sound System with design teams for full projects beyond our rapid prototyping. We'd love to gain feedback and insights which is why we have a contact form on the site. Ultimately it's up to everyone in this room to take these tools back to their spaces and begin using them to cause a ripple effect in the world of design.

The Beats Goes On...

While this website and the beats presented seem final, we would love feedback and insights you learned from utilizing the beats!


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