Tool: Open Mic

A Celebration of Culture through Storytelling

The Challenge: In our journey towards creating a more equitable future, we often focus on the pain points of marginalized communities, neglecting the moments of joy and missing out on the different genres that make us unique.

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What is the activity? Storytelling

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What is the Tenet? Uniqueness to Voice of color

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How many people? Band (multiple)


How long does it take? 1 hour

When should we use this tool in the design process?

The place for this is after project completion

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What is this Equity Beat?

Use storytelling to recognize and celebrate joy and accomplishments within marginalized communities.

Why should we use it?

To challenge the negative narratives that dominate and displace broadly held biases with counter-stories to evoke emotional reactions with a sense of connection and celebration.


Come together to celebrate stories of culture and wins when it comes to equity in design.

What impact can you make?