Tool: Solo Shuffle

Multiple Overlapping Identities

The Challenge: People are often disadvantaged or privileged by multiple sources: their race, age, class, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, and other identity markers. This is the basis of Intersectionality.


What is the activity? Worksheet


What is the Tenet? Identity is Intersectional


How many people? Solo (one)


How long does it take? 30 min

When should we use this tool in the design process?

The place for this is in the research stage


What is this Equity Beat?

Individually provide an anonymous, but reflective activity in which users explore their own intersections of power and bias.

Why should we use it?

To understand your overlapping social identities and how they are affected by systems of power, discrimination, and oppression.

Researching slide.png

Create your own wheel of intersectionality and consider audiences you may be overlooking in the design process.

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Group 143.png

Step 1:

Solo Shuffle - Page 3.png

How to play Solo Shuffle

Download the worksheet and fill it out.

Step 2: